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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, January 29, 1913

8 rue de la Barouillèrre

Paris (6ème)

29 Jan. 1913Wednesday.

Dear Robert.

I have been twice to Bacri Freres since I saw you last, and have seen the tapestry.This tapestry, which is later described as having a view of Dijon, has not been identified. It is certainly an important piece of the very end of the 15th century, and the lower part with the flowery ground quite charming. The upper part with the view of Dijon and the two figures I like less, and though I could not examine the top I should not be surprised if the red roofs of the houses had been freely restored. In brief, the piece is interesting and in parts beautiful, but to my taste not a supremely fine thing.

What I do wholeheartedly admire at Bacri's is a much smaller and earlier square of tapestry,HC.T.1913.04.(T). simply plants and animals—stags, horses, a rabbit etc. Besides being of a period that produced the most beautiful tapestry we know, it is in itself exceedingly sensitive and distinguished in drawing.

I rather think Bacri said you saw it. He asks a big price for a tiny fragment; but if you could get him to come down to a good extent,—and if you like the piece yourself,—I think it one of the most beautiful bits of the art of tapestry I have ever seen, worthy to stand beside the oneHC.T.1912.03.(T). you got from Demotte,See undated letter [3] (before April 19, 1912). which the big Dijon one does not seem to me to be. The Dijon one is important—that is quite true—but attempts imitation of effects better obtained in painting, and is far inferior to the other in drawing.

Make Mildred see the small piece. I am going to England for ten days tomorrow. Elisina and I wished we had had you the other day.

Yours sincerely

Royall Tyler

Associated People: Georges Demotte
Associated Places: Paris (France)
Associated Things: Bacri Frères
Associated Artworks: HC.T.1912.03.(T); HC.T.1913.04.(T)