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Elisina Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, January 30, 1944


1944 Jan 30

Mrs Mildred Bliss

3101 R St WashingtonDC

For any support you may deem possible, essential I should inform you plan to be implemented France when circumstances allow and recently submitted American RedCross through their agent Switzerland by committee composed Rene CharronRené Charron, the League of Nations Finance Committee’s Commissioner to Bulgaria (1926–1932). Like Royall Tyler, Charron became an assistant (number 492, codename “Boatman”) to Allen Dulles during the Second World War. See Allen Welsh Dulles and Neal H. Petersen, From Hitler’s Doorstep: The Wartime Intelligence Reports of Allen Dulles, 1942–1945 (University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1996), 625. Professor ChevalierPossibly Jacques Chevalier (1882–1962), a French philosopher and university professor who had been Minister of Education in 1941 under the Vichy regime. Comte de Rouge Blochlesne,Possibly Jean Comte de Rouge (1880–1960), a French nobleman. Russell Greely [sic],Russell Greeley (1878–1956), a portrait painter who had been director of Mildred Barnes Bliss’s American Distributing Service (Service de Distribution Américaine) during the First World War. Max ShoopMax Shoop, an American living in Geneva who previously had been employed by the Paris office of Sullivan & Cromwell, Allen Dulles’s New York law firm. Dulles was the Swiss director of the U.S. Office of Strategic Services in Bern, Switzerland, during the Second World War. and myself Stop Object is to acquire through grant requested from American RedCross six apparatus mass miniature radiophotography now available Switzerland at total cost 185000 Swiss francs roughly including running and sundry expenditure for ultimate use in France as main basis antituberculosis campaign devised by French health authorities, especially Professor Chevalier with whom plan discussed Stop Meantime apparatus to be used this country where two previously acquired by Edith Wharton FoundationThe Fondation Edith Wharton, the French post–Second World War outgrowth of Edith Wharton’s First World War charities. This foundation was administered by Elisina Tyler. already in use thus providing under guidance eminent Swiss scientist valuable scientific experience and data to be made available French authorities on liberation France together with apparatus, this being only means providing independent centres immediately available for location with equipment and pharmaceutical requirements regulated to scale time and numbers population Stop Above mentioned committee nonpolitical of course acting purely trustee until transfer apparatus France when they come under trusteeship Wharton Foundation Stop Need not emphasize appalling conditions France where according Professor Charles RichetProbably Charles Richet (1882–1966), a French physician who, after German occupation, joined the French resistance movement and, in January 1944, was deported to the Buchenwald Concentration Camp, where he became camp physician. ten millions now living famine conditions also very high tuberculosis percentage and significant increase new cases Stop If request granted AmCross would likely use its usual channels for transfer of funds and possibly with cooperation League RedCross societies. Elisina Tyler.