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Elisina Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, September 30, 1915


September 30th 1915Thursday.

Dearest Mildred,

I have tried twice to ring you up tonight, but could get no answer, so I suppose it is best to write. I am going out early tomorrow morning, as I have sad duties to perform in connection with poor little Dummer’s flat and belongings in France. I think Robert must have told you that he was killed a week ago near Arras.Lyulph Howard was killed in action near Arras on September 15, 1915. It is a sad blow to me, but poor Royall is very hard hit indeed; and the thought of him all alone at Genay—except of course for William—is very distressing. However I could not go back at the present moment, as I am very much needed here. I shall be at Le BréauThe Château du Bréau, near the Fontainebleau Forest, was the home of Matilda and Walter Gay, an expatriate American artist, who were friends of the Blisses and the Tylers. for the week-end; but please make an appointment for us to meet next week. I have a great piece of newsPossibly Elisina Tyler’s assumption of the title of vice president of the American Hostels for Refugees (Accueil franco-américain aux réfugiés belges et français) and the Children of Flanders Rescue Committee (Oeuvre des enfants des Flandres). See also letter of October 6, 1915. For Elisina Tyler's role in these charities, see letters of April 19, 1915; April 27, 1915; May 17, 1915; June 6, 1915; July 4, 1915; August 21, 1915; August 10, 1916; and September 12, 1916. to tell you; and I want to see you more than usual.

Bless you. I hope you are well. Come one day with me to see some of my children, and we’ll talk on the way. Love to both of you

Ever yours,


Associated People: Lyulph Howard
Associated Places: Paris (France)