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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, March 31, 1913

Madame Robert Woods Bliss

6 Square du Bois-de-Boulogne6 Square du Bois de Boulogne was the address of the apartment of Elizabeth (Mrs. J. Donald) Cameron, where the Blisses apparently were staying at this time. During the First World War, the American Elizabeth Sherman Cameron (1857–1944) worked with Edith Wharton and Elisina Tyler and was the intimate friend of Henry Adams. See Gladys Brooks, Boston and Return (Boston: Atheneum, 1962), 95.


Rue de la Barouillère No 8


March 31st.Monday.

Dear Mildred

The thingBZ.1955.18. See letter of March 11, 1913. is ours. Tell Robert—and know yourself. And it costs us 28,000 francs,Equal to approximately $4,875.00 in 1913 and approximately $103,545.00 in 2009. The Blisses lent the Tylers part or all of the purchase price; see letter of April 1, 1913. and we are in the purée“In a mess.” for years to come, but don’t care. Don’t tell anyone the story. But please come and see it very soon.

Love from Elisina.

Yours sincerely

Royall Tyler

Associated Places: Paris (France)
Associated Artworks: BZ.1955.18