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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, March 31, 1937

Finance Ministry


31st March 1937.

Dear Robert,

I have heard from our friend in Rome that he thinks there is a serious possibility of getting one of the archaic figures.These sculptures, which are described as reliefs in the letter of April 6, 1937, have not been identified. He asks me to cable you, asking you how much you would be prepared to give for one of them. I have replied to him that it would be useless to ask you to name a figure for something of which neither you nor I have never even seen a photograph. I have asked him to try to get a photograph, and told him that it will be necessary that he should give you some guidance as to the all-in price.

He also asks what you would be prepared to give for the three Byzantine reliefsSee letter of March 1, 1937. of which he has sent you photographs. Here again. I have told him that he must name a figure, I hope, when I receive your next letter, to hear whether these reliefs interest you.

Many thanks for your Easter greetings. I am glad to hear that Whittemore’s lecturePossibly a lecture on techniques of Byzantine mosaics and the work carried out by the Byzantine Institute. See The Byzantine Institute and Dumbarton Oaks Fieldwork Records and Papers, ca. 1920s–2000s, Dumbarton Oaks, Image Collections and Fieldwork Archives, box 32, folder 319. was good. I hope very much that he is being able to collect the money he needs in America.

With love to you both


R. T.

Associated Places: Budapest (Hungary)