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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, undated [1] (after April 7, 1912)

8 Rue de la Barouillère

Paris (6ème)


Dear Mildred.

By all means in the evening—of course Robert must be present. Elisina and I will come and dine on Friday with great pleasure—at 8—and LuisLuis Molina, one of the founders of flamenco guitar playing, created a playing style that carries his name. shall be instructed to come at 9. I think the unpicturesque Bristol would be best; because if Luis comes there he will be more impressed with the fact that you are anxious to hear him on your own accounts, and not imagine that we are forcing him down your throats. As questions of confianza,“Confidence.” and being á gusto,“At ease.” have the greatest effect on the quality of el toque,“Touch.” these are real considerations. I hope you’ll enjoy him as much as I do. He knows no French, so it would be well to give instructions to the folk down-stairs not to turn away a dagoA usually derogatory term which Tyler is using for “Spaniard.” with a guitar at 9.

En eso, pues, quedamos.“In this, then, we agree.”

Yrs sincerely

Royall Tyler

Associated Places: Paris (France)