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Collectors, Dealers, and Donors

Paris-based auction house.
Aricò, Rocco
Graduate student, University of Messina. Author of “L’emissione occidentale del follis anonimo Tipo C,” Rivista italiana di numismatica 105 (2014): 173–84.
Baldwin, Messrs A. H. and Sons
One of the leading London coin dealers since its foundation in 1872. The firm has recently been sold by the family but keeps its name. From 1967 through 1987 the Byzantine expert on their staff was Simon Bendall. From 1987 to 2017, Peter J. Donald was their consultant in the field.
Balvin, Dr. Adalbert
Austrian collector from Leibnits, Styria, Austria.
Bartlett, Peter
Retired engineer; collector and scholar interested in Visigothic coinage and Byzantine issues in S. Spain on which he practiced extensive specific gravity measurements (see Bartlett et al, Revue numismatique 167 [2011]: 351–401).
Bartlett Wells, H. (1908–1988)
Retired State Department officer, translated from the Russian The Coinage of Chersonesus by V. A. Anokhin (donor of BZC.1978.6).
Bendall, Simon (1937–2019)
Scholar, dealer. and collector, the leading expert on late Byzantine coins. Worked at Spink’s between 1965 and 1967, then at Baldwin’s for twenty years, until 1987, when he moved to California and joined the staff of Bruce McNall at Numismatics Fine Arts (NFA) in Los Angeles. On his return to London two years later, he was briefly an independent coin dealer and mostly a consultant for museums, auction houses, and collectors. He rejoined his first employer, Spink’s, between 2006 until his retirement in 2010. He authored more than 200 articles, of which a selection of reprints is being prepared by I. Vecchi and Eleni Lianta. He published the pioneering The Billon Trachea of Michael VIII, 1258–1282 (1974) and The Later Palaeologan Coinage, 1282–1453 (1979), with drawings by Peter Donald; the catalogue of his collection, A Private Collection of Palaeologan Coins (1988); Byzantine Weights: An Introduction (1996), the only introduction currently available; and an updated introduction to the Coinage of the Empire of Trebizond (2015). He wrote the late Byzantine section in David Sear’s Byzantine Coins and Their Values (2nd ed., 1987). His collection was stolen in 1989 when he was working with NFA. He recovered a part, which he sold to the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, in 1999, and which makes up the core of E. Lianta’s Late Byzantine Coins 1204–1453 in the Ashmolean Museum University of Oxford (2009). His recent acquisitions were also stolen from his London residence in 2018.
Bertelè, Tommaso (1892–1971)
Diplomat, scholar, and collector. The leading expert of his day and a pioneering scholar on the coinage of the Palaiologan period, author of many studies and books. The acquisition of his collection was especially important in building Dumbarton Oaks’ holdings for the late period.
Bertelè, Giovanni (1924–2018)
Son of Tommaso Bertelè, born in Constantinople when his father was posted to the Italian consulate. Devoted to his father’s memory, he distributed to the main public collections of Byzantine coins copies of the working photofile of his father, now cited as “Bertelè, Dossier” and later gave to Dumbarton Oaks its original copy. He entrusted Cécile Morrisson with all the material needed for her annotated French edition of the Lineamenti principali della numismatica bizantina (Numismatique byzantine, Wetteren, 1974) completed with two posthumous articles. He published the Index of the Libro dei Conti di Giacomo Badoer  (Padoa, Esedra editrice 2002) and entrusted to B. Callegher the publication of his father’s manuscript on Misure di peso a Bizanzio (Weight measures) (Padoa, Museo Bottacin 2009)
Birkler, L. L. Associates
Coin dealers in Washington, DC.
Bistrakapka, Genova (1942–)
Library Assistant, Dumbarton Oaks (1968–71).
Cahn, Herbert A. (1915–2002)
Numismatist and archaeologist, successor of his grandfather Adolph, his father Ludwig, and uncle Julius, coin dealers in Frankfurt, founded Münzhandlung Basel with his brother Erich (1913–1993) in 1933, renamed Münzen und Medaillen AG in 1942. Professor of ancient archaeology and numismatics in Heidelberg and Fribourg. The 95th and last auction took place in 2004. The company was continued by a German branch established in 1997.
American collector of Bulgarian origin. His collection was sold by Ira and Larry Goldberg on 30 September 2009.
CNG (Classical Numismatic Group)
Coin dealers, under Victor England from the 1980s onward, initially at Quarryville, Pennsylvania, and from 1994 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In the 1990s, Peter Lampinen was their collaborator for Byzantine coins.
Crinon, Pierre
Coin dealer active in Paris (OGN: Or et gestion numismatique), retired in 2018, author of several studies on Carolingian and early medieval coinage.
Crusafont i Sabater, Miguel
Catalan scholar based in Barcelona, author of many studies on Medieval coins, notably coauthor of The Iberian Peninsula, vol. 6 of Medieval European Coinage (2013).
Donald, Peter J.
British collector who focused on Byzantine series from the 1960s to 2017 when his vast collection was sold to Princeton University  ( He coauthored, with Simon Bendall, The Billon Trachea of Michael VIII, 1258–1282 (1974) and The Late Palaeologan Coinage (1979) as responsible for all coins’ drawings. He was a consultant for Baldwin’s from 1987, when Simon Bendall moved to Los Angeles, until 2017.
Elsen Jean et fils
A Brussels firm established in 1976; in the 1980s and 1990s they inserted numismatic papers in their coin lists.
Esty, Warren P.
Retired professor of mathematics at Montana State University, contributed several studies to statistical methods for numismatics (estimating the number of dies; metrology; hoard data).
Fairhead, Niall
British collector who focused on Byzantine series, especially from the Carthage mint, and traveled frequently to Tunisia in the late 1970s and 1980s. See Bibliography.
Foss, Clive (1939–)
American historian with a personal interest in coins, who traveled extensively in Turkey and the Near East and wrote influential essays and books putting archaeological material (including coin finds) to use for historical conclusions. Author of Arab-Byzantine Coins: An Introduction, with a Catalogue of the Dumbarton Oaks Collection (2008).
Franceschi, B.
Coin dealer in Brussels since 1935, succeeded by his son Druso.
Freeman and Sear
Coin dealers based in Los Angeles. Robert Freeman studied history at UCLA before working at Numismatic Fine Arts for Bruce McNall and founding Freeman and Sear in 1993. David R. Sear, renowned for his manuals on Roman and Byzantine coins, has now parted from Freeman following lawsuits filed against Freeman in 2016.
Füeg, Franz (1921–)
Swiss architect, scholar and collector, who became interested in Byzantine coins in the 1990s and published a pathbreaking monumental two-volume study of gold coins of the 8th–12th century from the Constantinople mint based on die analysis of a corpus of 7,000 specimens
Gallon, John
Collector who assembled his collection in Russia according to Baldwin’s auction catalogue 36, 4 May 2004.
Goldberg, Ira and Larry
Long-established coin dealers in Los Angeles.
Gorny and Mosch
Based in Munich, this numismatic firm founded in the 1980s also auctions various ancient archaeological objects (vases, sculptures, jewels, glass).
Grantley, Lord (1855–1943)
Collector. His encyclopedic series were sold by Glendining in London in eleven auctions between 1943 and 1945, the Byzantine coins in the seventh sale (25 May 1944) and the supplementary series of Thessalonica, Nicaea and Trebizond in the eleventh one (26 April 1945). See Grierson in DOC 1:xvi.
Grierson, Philip (1910–2006)
Scholar and collector, author of DOC 2–3 and 5. See C. Morrisson, “Philip Grierson, 15 November 1910–15 January 2006,” DOP 60 (2006): 1–12.
Grotjohann, D. F.
Coin dealer in Munich.
Hecht, Robert E. (Bob) (1919–2012)
Member of the American Academy in Rome (1947–49). Renowned for his scholarly training and controversial talent in antiquities trade.
Hesperia Art, dealer in Philadelphia
Active in the 1950s and 1960s and known to have been supplied by Robert Hecht with coins and antiquities ( and
Hess-Leu sales
Auctions conducted in Zurich by Hess (Nachfolger, Lucerne) in association with the numismatic department of Bank Leu, between 1954 and 1970.
Joffre, Michael
Collector and dealer. Owner and president of Carsley, Whetstone & Company, Inc., a Canadian numismatic firm.
Kapamadji, Nadia (1901–1978)
Born in Smyrna to an Armenian family, settled in France, worked with the Parisian coin dealer Jules Florange and succeeded him. Her large personal collection was catalogued by S. Boutin (Monnaies des Empires de Byzance, de Nicée, de Trébizonde [Maastricht: A.G. Van der Dussen, 1983]) and sold by Bourgey (Paris, 27–29 October 1992). The Cabinet des Médailles preempted 53 coins from 38 lots, but Dumbarton Oaks did not buy any. Grierson also visited her every time he came to Paris (BZC.1971.25.7) but bought more Western coins from her for Cambridge.
Kazhdan, Musya
Wife of Aleksander Kazhdan (1922–1997), famous Byzantinist, research associate in Dumbarton Oaks until his death.
Kern, Jonathan
Dealer in Lexington, KY.
Knobloch, F. S.
Dealer and collector of Hellenistic coins in the 1960s and 1970s based in New York.
Lafourcade, Bernard
French University professor who collected ancient and Byzantine coins in Tunisia in the 1960s–1970s. His collection was sold in CNG 79, 17 September 2008.
Lampinen, Peter
Expert, consultant in the 1990s for Classical Numismatic Group. The lot of coins of the 13th–14th centuries he showed to Dumbarton Oaks in 1994 has been published by C. Morrisson and P. Papadopoulou with illustration of the coins bought by DO and the Bibliothèque nationale de France (“Matériaux pour servir à la numismatique byzantine tardive: Le ‘CNG hoard,’” Revue Numismatique 173 [2016]: 375–93).
Lanz, Dr. Hubert
Coin dealer and auctioneer in Munich, succeeded to his father Hermann, coin dealer in Graz (Austria).
Lemaire, Roger
A Belgian surgeon from Namur, and close friend of Henri Pottier, who collected Byzantine coins and weights, notably from the Byzantine territories now in northern Syria and southern Turkey.
Leuthold, Enrico
Two collectors go by the same name. Enrico Leuthold, a Swiss engineer and businessman, based in Milan built up a large collection of Byzantine coins thought to be one of the greatest in the 1960s before the publication of the Dumbarton Oaks catalogues. He died before 1976. His son Enrico Leuthold Jr. specialized in Islamic numismatics.
LHS (Zurich)
A coin dealer firm, created in 1995, when it separated from Bank Leu. Directed by Alan Walker, alumnus of the American School at Athens, who had worked previously at Leu Numismatik under Leo Mildenberg and Silvia Hurter, it now operates as Nomos AG. On 10 May 2006 it auctioned the sale of the Petros Protonotarios collection (The “Despot sale”). See also Protonotarios, Peter.
Longuet, Dr. Henry
French military medic, collector of Byzantine, Merovingian, and related coins, author of an Introduction à la numismatique byzantine and relevant articles. His collection was sold by Platt (Paris), 17 March 1970.
Mabbott, T. O.
Collection sold at Schulman, New York, in several auctions.
Malter, Joel (1931–2006)
Californian dealer in coins and antiquities.
Mango, Cyril  (1928–)
British Byzantinist, taught Byzantine history at King’s College London (1963–68), Byzantine archaeology at Dumbarton Oaks (1968–73), and Byzantine civilization in Oxford (1973–95).
Mansfield, Stephen John
English collector and scholar (active 1982–), author of Early Byzantine Copper Coins (2016) and other papers on early Byzantine numismatics; see Some 2500 coins from Mansfield’s collection were donated to Dumbarton Oaks between 2018 and 2022.
Matterhorn Trading Company
Geneva-based company and possible shadow for coins acquired from Henry Weller; see BZC.1973.28 and other items where Philip Grierson writes “acquired in Turkey.”
Mazard, Jean
High French magistrate and numismatist who resided in Algeria in the 1950s and published a corpus of ancient coins from Numidia and Mauretania (1955). Remains of his collection were kept by Mme Nadia Kapamadji.
Coin dealer in Alicante (Spain).
Metlich, Michael
Former research associate at the Institut für Numismatik und Geldgeschichte, University of Vienna. Coauthor with Wolfgang Hahn of the English revised edition of Moneta Imperii byzantini vols. 1 and 2: Money of the Incipient Byzantine Empire: (Anastasius I–Justinian I, 491–565) (MIBE, 2000) and Money of the Incipient Byzantine Empire Continued: (Justin II–Revolt of the Heraclii, 565–610) (MIBEC, 2009).
Millas, Alexander
A Greek from Istanbul and a friend of Alexander Veglery, he collected in the 1950s and published with him a few articles. His collection was sold by Leu Numismatik (Zurich, 4 May 1976). P. Protonotarios was present at this auction and bought many coins, some of which were later auctioned in Zurich.
Millon et associés
Auction house, Paris.
Monmouth Stamp and Coin Shop, Red Bank, NJ
Coin dealer; active since the 1970s.
Morrisson, Cécile (1940–)
Advisor for Byzantine numismatics, Dumbarton Oaks (1998–2018).
Morton and Eden
Auction house in London, founded in 2001 by James Morton and Tom Eden.
Münzen und Medaillen AG (MMAG) (Basel)
See above under Cahn, Herbert A.
Münzzentrum, Cologne
German coin dealers (Albrecht & Hoffmann GmbH).
New York Sale
Coin auction in association of several dealers  (Baldwin’s, Markov, Münzen und Medaillen, Washington, DC) taking place during the annual numismatic convention in NYC in the first week of January.
Nomos AG, Zurich
See LHS.
Numismatica Ars Classica (NAC), Zurich
Founded in 1988 by Italo Vecchi (formerly Nummorum Auctiones) and his brother, one of the leading auction houses to date.
Numismatic Fine Arts
California-based coin dealer company founded by Bruce McNall (1950–) and Joel L. Malter, where both Simon Bendall and Rob Freeman worked for a few years. See S. Bendall’s review of Bruce McNall’s memoirs, Fun While It Lasted: My Rise and Fall in the Land of Fame and Fortune, in Numismatic Circular 113, no. 2 (2005): 19–20.
OGN (Or et gestion numismatique)
Coin dealer house located in Paris, rue de Richelieu, founded in the 1970s and closed in 2018. See Crinon, Pierre.
O’Hara, Michael Dennis (1937–2014)
Born in London to Irish parents, served in the British Army, moved to Saudi Arabia as an instructor in English, was involved in the creation of Numismatica Ars Classica and collaborated with IANP in the Bulletin of Counterfeits and gave an appendix on forgeries to D. Sear’s manual Byzantine coins and their value. He was famous for his publication of the Tiber hoard of Papal-Byzantine silver coins (Revue Suisse de numismatique 64 [1985]: 105–40, attributions corrected on the basis of analyses by C. Morrisson and J.-N. Barrandon, RN, 6th ser., 30 [1988]: 149–65). His collection, including the Tiber hoard coins, was sold in a joint-auction by Leu Numismatik and Numismatica Ars Classica in Zürich on 26 May 1993, partly to the then famous antiquities dealer Robin Symes. After his death, a few coins from his Nachlass appeared in Morton and Eden 75, 2 July 2015, where DO bought two 7th-century silver coins struck in Sardinia (BZC.2015.043 and BZC.2015.044).
Pavlou, Paul
Collector and dealer, active in Cyprus in the early 21st century.
Peus, Dr Busso, Nachfolger
Coin dealers based in Frankfurt, company founded in 1870.
Phillips, Marcus
Oxford-based scholar specializing in Near East coinage in the Middle Ages (7th–12th century). Secretary of the Numismatic Chronicle.
Porter, William B. (Washington, DC)
Pottier, Henri (1929–)
An engineer by training, was attracted to ancient coins while working on the construction of a dam in southeastern Turkey, and published many pathbreaking studies on Byzantine and pseudo-Byzantine coins from Syria (see bibliography in Mélanges Henri Pottier, in press).
Protonotarios, Peter (1931–2011)
Renowned Greek ophthalmologist, built an important collection of Byzantine coins on which he published several scholarly articles (see bibliography in Olokottinon: Studies in Byzantine Numismatics and Sillography in Memory of Petros Protonotarios, Athens, 2013). His gold collection was bequeathed to the Numismatic Museum in Athens, the rest was sold as the “Despot collection” by LHS Zurich on 10 May 2006, at which DO bought ten specimens (BZC 2006.09–18).
Ratto, Mario (1906–1990, Milan)
Coin dealer, successor to Rodolfo Ratto (1866–1949) who auctioned an important Byzantine collection on 9 December 1930, which may have been that of the Trivulzio family and not one formed by Rodolfo Ratto as often erroneously believed. The Ratto family included some of the most important professional numismatists of the 20th century.
Rhodes, H. G.
Undergraduate at Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1966.
Rudnik Numismatics, San Jose, California
Coin dealer.
Schindler, Leo
Austrian collector and scholar, author of a few articles in the 1940s and 1950s. Applied to Byzantine numismatics the tabular method of the Viennese school; his unpublished cards came to DO together with the collection when Grierson bought it from his widow.
Schulman, Jacques (Amsterdam)
Coin dealer, successor to the founder of the business in 1880, his grandfather Jacob (Jacques) (1849–1914) and to the son of Jacques, his father André (Andreas) (1877–1936). The business was taken over in 2006 by Eddy Absil from Johannesburg.
Schulze, Wolfgang
German collector and scholar with particular expertise on Byzantine and medieval coins circulating in Syria.
Schwartz, Peter
Professor of German literature, son of James H. (Jimmy) Schwartz (1932–2006), neurobiologist, scholar and collector, trustee of the American Numismatic Society, author of a book on ancient gems and a study on early Vandalic coinage (Schwartz and Morrisson 1982).
Sincona, Zurich
Coin dealers.
Singer, Andy (Gordon Andreas)
Coin dealer in the Washington area since 1979, specialist in Western medieval coins which he often offered to Grierson for his Cambridge collection when he was in Washington, donor of Byzantine or related coins to DO.
Stack’s Bowers Rare Coin Galleries
Auction house in New York City, founded 1933.
Sternberg, Frank (1912-1994)
Coin dealer and auctioneer in Zurich from the 1940s onward.
Subjack, William J.
Tyler, William Royall (1910–2003)
American diplomat, scholar, and longtime friend to the Blisses, Director of Dumbarton Oaks (1969–1977).
Weil, Alain (1943–)
Parisian dealer, active since the 1970s under his name or various titles (e.g., Spes numismatique) or as expert for numerous auction houses.
Weller, Henry
American citizen, teacher at Robert College, lived then in Istanbul and later in Venice and procured many interesting Byzantine bronze coins to DO and to the Bibliothèque nationale de France among others in the 1970s.
Woods, Glenn
Coin collector and dealer from the Dallas area.
Zacos, George (1911–1983)
Antiquities and coin dealer, collector, scholar, and sigillographer, resided in Istanbul until 1963, when he moved to Basel and devoted himself to writing, with Alexander Veglery, the monumental Byzantine Lead Seal catalogue of his collection.