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Read & Create: Run Little Chaski!

Grades Pre-K–2 | Listen to the story “Run, Little Chaski!” An Inka Trail Adventure and learn about khipus with a hands-on counting activity using simple knots.

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In this bilingual prerecorded program, you will listen to a reading of Run, Little Chaski! An Inka Trail Adventure with Public Programming and Outreach Fellow Alexandra Walsh. The new book is written by author Mariana Llanos, illustrated by Mariana Ruiz Johnson, and published by Barefoot Books. This story tells the tale of Little Chaski, the Inka King’s newest royal messenger who must deliver an important khipu before the sun goes down!

Learn about khipus, a device that records and conveys information across both time and distance and create your own using materials from home. You will need one piece of string, cord, or yarn at least 12 inches long. The hands-on activity involves encoding numbers into simple knots and builds basic counting, math, and fine motor skills.

Prerecorded videos are available in English and Spanish language. This program is part of the Read & Create family program series featuring storytelling and hands-on activities.