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Gospels of Luke and John

Byzantine, late 12th–early 13th century, or second half of 13th century. Dumbarton Oaks MS 4, BZ.1974.1.

Gospels of Luke and John in Greek, each preceded by chapter headings. Probably written in Constantinople in the second half of the thirteenth century. Two hundred fifty-four leaves, parchment, color illustrations, 24 cm, written by one scribe in a single column, 18 lines, blind-ruled with pendant script. Written in an archaizing Greek liturgical miniscule script. Greek medieval binding between wooden boards, covered in red velvet decorated with small “buttonhole” slits.

Collation: 1–6(8), 7(4), 8–19(8), 20(8+1), 21–32(8)

Illumination: Two full-page author portraits of Luke (fol. 4v) and John (fol. 150v), and headpieces and decorative letters at beginnings of each Gospel text.

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