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Market Gardens (Bostans) in Istanbul

Aleksandar Shopov, William R. Tyler Fellow, 2012–2014

Almost fifty photographs in the Artamonoff photograph collection provide exceptional information on the market gardens (bostans) of Istanbul from the 1930s and 1940s. Many of these gardens were located in the vicinity of the Byzantine architectural monuments that Artamonoff systematically recorded with his camera. For more information, see the Nicholas V. Artamonoff Collection online exhibit.

Additional photographs taken by the Byzantine Institute during the restoration of Fenari İsa Mosque (Lips Monastery) beginning in the 1950s and of the city walls by Cyril Mango from 1979 provide a broader chronological context for the transformation of the urban space in the second half of the twentieth century.

The exhibit is organized geographically rather than chronologically, moving from the environs of Fenari İsa Mosque (1930s–1960s) to the the broader intramural agricultural landscape, and from there toward the city walls and extramural suburbs. More information on the bostans of Istanbul can be found at “City and Agriculture: Studying and Preserving the Historic Gardens of Istanbul.”


Exhibit Items

Market Garden East of Fenari İsa Mosque

Nicholas Artamonoff, View from the minaret, May 1937.

Wells and Cistern Southeast of Fenari İsa Mosque

Photograph by Arthur Kingsley Porter, 1940.

Market Garden Northeast of Fenari İsa Mosque

Photograph taken during the Byzantine Institute restorations, 1961.

Remains of Market Garden

Photograph taken during Byzantine Institute restorations of Fenari İsa Mosque, 1964.

Lykos/Bayrampaşa Valley

Photograph by Nicholas Artamonoff, 1930s.

Market Garden in Samatya, Istanbul

Nicholas Artamonoff, remains of Marmara sea walls at Samatya, looking toward the sea, March 1936.

Walls at Yedikule Fortress

Nicholas Artamonoff, View of the land walls and the northwest tower at Yedikule, seen from the southwest, June 1935.

Yedikule Market Gardens Seen from Yedikule Fortress

Photograph by Nicholas Artamonoff, February 1937.

Yedikule Market Gardens Seen from Yedikule Fortress

Photograph by Nicholas Artamonoff, Summer 1938.

Market Garden and Tower of Isaac Angelos, Blachernai Walls

Photograph by Nicholas Artamonoff, October 1936.

View of the Eyüp Valley from Anemas Tower

Photograph by Nicholas Artamonoff, Spring 1937.

Theodosian Walls, Northeastern Section

Market gardens photographed by Cyril Mango, 1979.

Orchards and Agricultural Land in Dolmabahçe Valley

Nicholas Artamonoff, View of the construction of İnönü football stadium, Dolmabahçe Camii, and market gardens and orchards, 1940s.