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Esin Atil and Levni (1999)

Levni ve Surname: bir osmanli senliginin Öyküsü

Koçbank, Istanbul. (ISBN: 9756845074 9789756845073).

Levni's illustrations of Seyyit Vehbi's work Sûrnâme depict the ceremonies and festivities held at Okmeydani in Istanbul to celebrate the circumcision of the sons of Sultan Ahmed III, which began on 13 September 1720 and continued with processions, displays and feasting for 20 days. Although the book bears the name of its author Vehbî it is Levnî's miniatures for which it is most valued as both work of art and documentary record of its day. Each of the 137 paintings reflect in vivid detail the costume of the Ottoman court, and contemporary entertainments.