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Péter T Nagy (2014)

Sultans' Paradise: The Royal Necropolis of Shāla, Rabat

Al-Masaq, 26(2):132–146.

The following study concerns Shāla, which was the necropolis of the Marīnid rulers from 683/1284 to 752/1351. The Islamic buildings on the site have rarely received scholarly attention, although these edifices – despite their delapidated condition – are among the most important constructed by the dynasty. One of my main aims is to re-establish the buildings' chronological sequence, using the written and archaeological evidence, including publications about the site written in Arabic, which have hardly been considered so far. I also address the meaning and aims behind structure erected for each founder, which, in my view, have been misinterpreted by previous scholarship. In summary, this article attempts to revise our knowledge about the site.

Africa, Architectural Patronage – In Africa, Architecture – Secular, Berber Dynasty, Marīnids, Morocco – Architecture, Morocco – Shāla Necropolis, Rabat