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Plutarch (1917)


W. Heinemann; Harvard University Press, London; Cambridge, Mass. The Loeb classical library.

I. Theseus and Romulus. Lycurgus and Numa. Solon and Publicola.–II. Themistocles and Camillus. Aristides and Cato major. Cimon and Lucullus.–III. Pericles and Fabius Maximus. Nicias and Crossus.–IV. Alcibiades and Coriolanus. Lysander and Sull.–V. Agesilaus and Pompey. Pelopidas and Marcellus.–VI. Dion and Brutus. Timoleon and Aemilius Paulus.–VII. Demosthenes and Cicero. Alexander and Caesar.–VIII. Sertorius and Eumenes. Phocion and Cato the Younger.–IX. Demetrius and Antony. Pyrrhus and Caius Marius.–X. Agis and Cleomenes, and Tiberius and Cais Gracchus, Philopoemen and Titus Flaminius.–XI. Aratus and Artaxerxes. Galba and Otho.