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Access and Reproduction


Access to the microfilm collection is limited to Dumbarton Oaks Fellows, Readers, and other authorized library users such as Dumbarton Oaks staff members, docents, and interns.

To apply for Reader status, please see the library’s Access Policy.

Dumbarton Oaks offers a limited number of Fellowships, Short-Term Pre-Doctoral Residencies for Readers, and One-Month Research Awards for Readers.

Reproduction of Images

Please note: Dumbarton Oaks Research Library does not duplicate microfilm, release microfilm for outside digitization or photographic services, nor provide copies of individual images from the microfilm.

Please read this section carefully. Access to the library assumes that an individual understands and will abide by the conditions described here. If you have questions, please contact one of the librarians.

The library is equipped with a ST ViewScan II scanner, which researchers can use with ViewScan Premium software on the attached PC in order to create digital scans in PDF or JPEG format. The equipment is provided free of charge.

Library users may use the equipment to create digital scans of individual pages for their private study, scholarship, or research only.

Duplication of images found on the microfilm for any other purpose is forbidden.

Scholars who create digital files from the microfilm assume all responsibility for the appropriate and legal use of the digital files, including any printouts that are generated.

Scholars who wish to publish or distribute images made from the microfilm must seek permission directly from the institution that holds the rights to the manuscript. This is usually the library or museum that currently holds the manuscript in its collection.

Dumbarton Oaks Research Library does not provide assistance in acquiring images or permissions for publication from other institutions.

For more information about U.S. copyright law and especially the limits of “fair use,” please refer to United State Code, title 17, section 107.