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Mount Athos, Xeropotamou Monastery, 29


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 17th c. (17th c.)
  • Illustrations: No


Lampros no. 2362.

Contents: Michael Psellus, Κανὼν Παρακλητικός (Iter Psellianum: [1165] POE.113)

Incipit: "συντελείας μου.  ἰδοὺ πληθὺς παρέστη μοι δαιμόνων κράζοντες ἀναιδῶς καὶ ζητοῦντες τὴν ταπεινὴν ψυχὴν μου."

Psellus' "οἴμοι" begins on p. 261.  

Both Eustratiadēs and (as of 6/30/2011) Pinakes do not have much information on the ms.

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