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Bucharest, Academia Romana, gr. 814


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 19th c. (19th c. (1814))
  • Genres: Treatises
  • Illustrations: No


Dionnysios, o ek Phourna. Ἑρμηνεία τῆς ζωγραφικῆς ἐπιστήμης.
Copied by the logothete Νικόλαος Ἰωαννίδης Βλάχος (his note on fol. 118v).
Fols. 115r-118v: Table of contents (referring to pagination of the ms; foliation is by the Library).
Several blank pages, omitted from the film.
Mark "R 247" on a note at the beginning of the film.
(Not listed in Pinakes).

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