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Berlin, Staatsbibliothek – Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Nachlass O. von Gebhardt, XXI, 5.


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 19th c. (19th c. (1890-1))
  • Genres: Varia
  • Illustrations: No


Von Gebhardt’s transcription of parts of Sinod. 394 and Dresden Da 12 (formerly part of Sinod. 394), (Vladimir no. 231).

Leafs 1-11 (after ID slip "Dresden Da 12"): collation of the ms. with pp. 81-102 of de Boor's edition of Patriarch Nicephorus, Opuscula historica, Leipzig: Teubner 1880.
Leafs 12-18 (after ID slip "Sinod. 394"): transcription from fols. 136r-139r: Title: Aristotle De virtutibus et vitiis. Inc. Eὐτυχίαν καὶ ἀτυχίαν καὶ τιμὴν καὶ ἀτιμίαν.
Leaf 19: a list of notes by Arethas and their locations in the ms.
Leafs 20-22: transcription from fols. 83v-84r: Title: Ἕτερα κεφάλαια συλλογιστά κατὰ Ἰουδαίων ἀνώνυμα. Inc. Εἰ καθολικὸν ἀγαθόν ἐστιν ὁ νόμος.
Leaf 23: transcriptions from fol. 32v.

The folios he has transcribed either entirely or in part:
83v-84r?:  Work “ Ἕτερα κεφάλαια συλλογιστά.  Κατὰ  Ἰουδαίων . Ἀνώνυμα...”
Incipit: “Εἰ καθολικὸν ἀγαθόν ἐστιν ὁ νόμος......”

Von Gebhardt notes down Arethas’ commentary in several places.

92v : Work: “Περὶ τῶν σχισμάτων, τῶν καλουμένων διακρινομένων.”
Incipit: “Μαρκίων ὁ ποντικὸς μαθητὴς γεγονώς....

136r-139r: Title: Aristotle [et Corpus Aristotelicum] De Virtutibus et Vitiis (περὶ ἀρετῆς)
Incipit:  “Eὐτυχίαν καὶ ἀτυχίαν καὶ τιμὴν καὶ ἀτιμίαν...”

Next leaf seems to be a list of notes by Arethas and their locations.  

After somewhat of a gap in the microfilm begins again with a new set of set of Gebhardt’s papers (5 images in total).  It seems to be a collation of ms. Dresden Da 12 (the portions of the Chronographikon) against De Boor’s edition.

At the end of films, there is an image (in WEST.BERL.1.7 repeated twice) of part of a page from Da 12. No folio number is visible.
The photographer’s address is in Leipzig.  
Note below the image: "Cod. Dresd. Da 12." In the corner: "Gebhardt XXI."
Please see database entry on Moscow, Russian State Archive of Ancient Acts, ms. Ф 1607, for fuller information on this leaf.

The story of Dresden Da 12 is a rather fascinating one: According to von Gebhardt’s history of the ms. (see bibliography), the folios that comprise Dresden Da 12 were taken from Sinod. 394 (Vladimir 231) by the German philologist Christian Friedrich Matthaei during his stay in Moscow at the end of the 18th century. Von Gebhardt writes that after examining photographs of the Moscow ms., he was able to ascertain that between ff. 135-136 six pages were missing and between 142-143, twelve were lacking which corresponded exactly to the leaves in the Dresden ms. Matthaei apparently also tried to conceal his crime and the provenance of the folios by adding new decorations to the margins.  Oscar Dominguez (see bibliography) mentions in his article that during the Second World War, the Russians took both Dresden Da 12 and the copy made of the leaves by von Gebhardt (for his edition of Arethas’ works) back to Moscow.  The folios have not been reunited with Sinod. 394 but are currently housed in the Russian State Archive of Ancient Acts. Von Gebhardt’s transcription, however, made it back to Germany and is now in the Staatsbibliothek Berlin along with his other papers.