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Berlin, Staatsbibliothek – Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Gr. 162 (Phillipps 1566)


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 16th c. (16th c.)
  • Genres: Medical or scientific
  • Illustrations: No


Contents: iambic verses by Michael Psellus on medical matters. (Iter Psellianum: [1043] CET. DISC. 24)

Title: Τοῦ σοφωτάτου Ψελλοῦ καὶ ὑπερτίμου, πόνημα ἰατρικὸν ἄριστον, δι’ἰάμβων.
f. 38r: “ἰατρικῶν ἄκουε συντόμως ὅρων...”

f. 52r: “ὅσα κεφαλὴν βλάπτει..”

f. 53r is empty.

f. 53v: verses in hexameter about the evangelists (the cataloguer adds “valde corrupti”) and a small commentary follows.

f. 54r: verses by Manuel Philes “Τοῦ Φιλῆ” towards the bottom half of the page. (4 more verses follow see catalogue for titles.
Incipit: “Εἰς τὸν μεγάλον Πέτρον καὶ Παῦλον....”

f. 55r: Apollinarius: Περὶ τῆς τοῦ Ἰούδα ἀγχόνης
Incipit: “ Ἰστέον ὅτι οὐκ ἐναπέθανε ὁ Ἰούδας...”

f. 57r: A catalogue of emperors ending with Constantine Palaeologus in iambic verse.

f. 57v-58r: an “ascetic alphabet”

f 59v: Stichera on the Theotokos (liturgical)

Incipit: “Χαῖρε καταφύγιον στερρόν...” Each stanza begins with a lovely decorate χ.
f. 64r: Paracletic Canon on the Virgin “Ζωοδόχος Πηγή”

f. 67v: John Geometres; four hymns on the Virgin.

Incipit: “χαῖρε κόρη χαρίεσσα..”

f. 73 v. desinit: “πέμπω πρὸς τρυφῆς τὸ χωρίον.”

End of Microfilm.

As of July 2011, Pinakes does not list Psellus' work.