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Basel, Universitätsbibliothek, gr. 58 (F.II.01a)


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 16th c. (1546)
  • Genres: Philosophical
  • Illustrations: No


Note in Latin on the first page reads:  “Damasci Philosophi Liber De Primis Principiis.  Damascius Stoicae Sectae  Priscus Syrus.  Simplicii et Elamita Phrygum discipulus, claruit tempore Justiniani Imp(eratoris) Scripsit praeterea  comment(arios) In Platonem. Ex Suida”

Contents: Damascius  On First Principles

f. 1: Invocation: Ἰησοῦ Χριστὲ βασιλεῦ προηγοῦ τῶν ἐμῶν πονημάτων
Title: Δαμασκίου φιλοσόφου ἀπορίαι καὶ λύσεις περὶ τῶν πρώτων ἀρχῶν.
Incipit: “πότερον ἐπέκεινα τῶν πάντων ἐστίν ἡ μία....”

Lovely ornamental heading and decorative initial on this first folio.

Unfortunately, all verso folios seem to be photographed upside down.

Beginning on f. 3r, there are many marginal comments and the occasional diagram.

Several folios throughout appear rather blurry but they are still legible.

After  f. 195r the film has been spliced together.

f. 295r: desinit: τέλος σὺν θεῷ τοῦ παρόντος βίβλου. `αφμ ϛ  νοεβρίῳ `ιθ  (1546)
This is the entire ms.

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