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Venice, Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, gr. 155 (coll. 610)


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 14th c. (14th c.)
  • Genres: Theological
  • Illustrations: No


Olim card. Bessarionis <172>.
Letters of Gregory Akindynos and other theological works.

1st Bookplate:
Codex CLV
[written underneath: LXVIII]
Arm. XVI [number scribbled out]
Th. 6H [number and letter scribbled out; written above: s']

2nd Bookplate:
MCM (date of acquisition?)

Two different stamps, one of Bib. Naz. Marc., one illegible.

The library's full, printed table of contents covered up by the name of the photographer (Foto Fiorentini), then not repeated!

Fairly clear hand with many abbreviations.

Occasional strike-throughs, apparently on ms. itself. (ex. gr. fol. 10v.). Some lines marked with dashes in margins (ex. gr. fol. 19v.) or arrows (like our >) (ex. gr. fol. 22r.).

Volume's incipit:  Οὔτε τὴν κατὰ τῆς ἐκκλησίας τοῦ κοινοῦ πολέμου [μανίας ἀγνεῖν?] οὐδένα νομίζομεν...

Scribe's (less complete) table of contents at 35v:
+ Τοῦ σοφωτάτου καὶ λογιωτάτου καὶ τιμιωτάτου ἐν ἱεροῖς μονάχοις [κυρίου?] Γρηγορίου τοῦ Ἀκινδύνου βιβλίον πρῶτον :~
+ Πίναξ ἀκριβὴς τοῦ παρόντος βιβλίου :~
Α' + Ἐπιστολαὶ πρὸς διαφόρους πεμφθεῖσαι κατὰ τῆς τοῦ Παλαμᾶ δυσσεβείας, να' :~ [fol. 36r]
Β' + Λόγος πρὸς μοναχὸν Ἱερόθεον [fol. 79v], πρὸς Ἀρμενόπ(ου)λ(ον) ἀποτεινόμενος, ὃς Ἀκινδύνῳ κατὰ τὰ δόγματα, συμφωνῶν, ἀντιφέρεσθαι οὐκ οἶδ' ὅπως ἡρεῖτο.
Γ' + Ὁ πολύθεος διάλογος τοῦ Παλαμᾶ ἀνεσκευασμένος [fol. 91v] :~
Δ' + Ἡ ὁμολογία αὐτοῦ [fol. 99r] :~
Ε' + Ἀπολογία περὶ ὧν πρὸς τῶν Παλαμητῶν σεσυκοφάντηται· ἔκθεσις ἐπίτομος τῶν πονηριῶν αὐτῶν καὶ συσσεβειῶν δογμάτων :~
Ϛ' + Ἑτέρα ἔκθεσις τῶν αὐτῶν δυσσεβημάτων :~
Ζ' + Ἕτερος λόγος κατὰ τῶν αὐτῶν πολυθέων δογμάτων :~
Η' + Συλλογιστικὰ κεφάλαια κατὰ τῶν αὐτῶν δογμάτων [ῥ ι η' (?) (118?)] οἷς καὶ αὖθις ἑτέρα ἔκθεσις τῶν τοῦ Παλαμᾶ αἱρέσεων :~
Θ' + Λόγος πρὸς Ἴσα[ρι?]ν κατὰ τῶν αὐτῶν δογμάτων :~
Ι' + Στίχοι ἰαμβικοὶ κατὰ τῶν τοῦ Παλαμᾶ αἱρέσεων, φζ'

Title on 36r (in other hand?):  + Ἐπιστολαί +
Incipit: "Ἀφοσιούμεθα μὲν τὴν σὴν ἐπιστέλλοντες πρὸς τὴν σοφίαν· ὁ δὲ θαυμάσιος Ἴσαρις καὶ ὁ γενναῖος Ἀνδρόνικος..."
Desinit: "...σὺν σοὶ τῷ Μονογενεῖ καὶ τῷ Ἁγίῳ Πνεύματι, τῇ μιᾷ Θεότητι καὶ δόξῃ καὶ βασιλείᾳ εἰς τοὺς αἰῶνας τῶν αἰώνων· ἀμήν. +

Title on 91v:  Διάλεξις τοῦ κακοδόξου Παλαμᾶ μετὰ ὀρθοδόξου.
Incipit: "Παλαμᾶς: Μαθεῖν ἐβουλόμην παρ' ὑμῶν..."

Title on 99r:  Πραγματεία εἰς τὸ Περιουσίας καὶ Ἐνεργείας Ζήτημα.
99r. Book One
107r. Book Two
142r. Book Three
165v. Book Four
173r. Book Five
186r. Book Six
194r. Epilogue

195r-198v. Treatise apparently of Damascene in much smaller writing: “[εἰς τὸ?] τοῦ Κυρίου σῶμα κατὰ πάντα τοῖς ἡμετέροις ὅμοιον ἦν πλὴν τῆς ἁμαρτίας”

199r-205v. New work (of Damascene? Akindynos? another) in two columns and much larger hand, which seems to break off at the end. Title small and obscure on projector, but mention made of a Τζίσκος and a Κόκκινος. Incipit: “ὁ μὲν οὖν οὕτως ἀθλητικῶς καὶ τουτονὶ τὸν ἀγῶνα...” Desinit: “...προφάσει ψηφίζονται τὸν...” and so endeth film VEN.2.3, but not the manuscript.

There seems (as of Aug. 2011) to be some confusion between this entry and that at Pinakes (q.v.).

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