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Erfurt, Bibliotheca Amploniana, 362


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 11th c., 14th c. (11th & 14th c.)
  • Genres: Medical or scientific
  • Illustrations: Yes


Amplon(ianus), sive Erfurtensis, sive Erfordensis 362.
Half from the 11th and half from the 14th centuries.
Schum 362 (pp. 606sq.).

Many illustrations throughout, some apparently to show mathematical concepts, some whose overall appearance is reminiscent of blueprint-drawings, and some perhaps getting at something else (for example, on p. 4, under the words “polum collectum”, is a picture of the sun, moon and stars within two pairs of concentric circles, for which also cf. pp. 46sq). Some, as on p. 13, seem to be drawings of machines or something like them.

Concurrent pagination and foliation. We are unaware where the folio-numbers come from; presumably the earlier (11th-cent.) part mentioned in Schum’s entry. At the top of 73r, in crude writing, it appears to say “n. 4/E.962” (though the final figure may be another nine; intellegat quicumque possit). Above the foliation it reads, in a much finer hand, “Frontinus, ed. Scriverii p. 140, inde a verso 11.” Along the sides of the text run Frontinus numbers (starting with 35) and (Goes?) numbers (starting with 30?), both of which are best inspected by someone familiar with the editions.

Foliation/pagination correspondence runs as follows, with folio first and then page:
73r = 1
74r = 3
75r = 5 (and under the 75, in smaller letters, is what appears to read “|Goes 128” (line in orig.))
76r = 7
77r = 9
and so forth, to 96r = p. 47.

Pages 17sq. have been cut: the outer third or so of the folio (fol. 81), after writing.

For other Agrimensores mss., see Hall (bibliography and online resources), p. 200.