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Budapest, Universitas Budapestinensis (ELTE), 35


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 14th c. (14th c. )
  • Genres: Varia
  • Illustrations: Yes


Italian table of contents, equestrian illustration, signature of scribe.

Represented by our BUD.1.1, in three sections of uncertain numeration.  See catalogue description below.

Section 1:

Three images/pages, in double columns.  First is a table in Italian with works by Seneca and Cicero (Tully), many but not all works given later numbers on the side. Mention at one point of the Sacred Hill (Colle Santo).

Film Section 2:

Two images/pages, in double columns.  Text.

Film Section 3:

Middle page features a fine and intricate drawing of Theodosius (though see Lehmann in bibliography) on horseback, wearing an elaborate headdress (apparently of feathers), a stylized toga over armor and a skirt/kilt (φουστανέλα). He holds a cross-topped orb in his left hand, with the right arm raised to the level of his head (though the right hand is obscured).  Above the back of the horse, "fon(s)" and above and below mane, "Gloriae Perennis"; back of the horse "Theo" and front "dosi(us)".

For the emperor as possessor of both arma et toga, cf. the Prima Porta statue of Augustus.

Notes on the side in Arabic, dated Anno Hegirae 1294 (=A. Dom. 1877/8).

From the university library catalogue (see bibliography):

Cod. membr. saec. XIV. ex. fol. I. et 146. cum miniat.

a) 1rv Vacant.

b) 1r-143v  Codex hispanus continens fragmenta ex operibus Senecae, Ciceronis et imprimis ex Aristotelis Ethicis et e Cassiodori Libris Variarum sumpta.  Inc. “Questo e lo proemio delo volgariçador.”  Expl. “in li segoli deli segoli amen.” Sequitur index.

c) 144r-146v  Vacant nisi quod nunullae notae leguntur in fol. 145v: “IHS. Johannes Darius scripsit atramento nimphirius (?) per ipsum Kiriaco Aconitano ad scribendum adducto” et in fol. 146v: “Questo libro costa den. 8.” etc. – Fol. 144v habetur figura equitis in equo sedentis cum inscriptione: “Fon(s) gloriae perennis Theodosi” de qua imagine fusius exposuit P. Dethier in tractatu “Augusteon vagy Nagy-Justinian óriás lovasszobra” inscripto et Annalibus Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae (“A Magyra Tudom. Akadémia Évkönyvei XI. 1868” Pars Decima) inserto.

V. Csontosi 1.1. No. 35. Abel 1.1. pp. 6-9.


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  • Theodosius or Justinian?: A Renaissance Drawing of a Byzantine Reader (Open in Zotero)