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London, British Library, Add. 12155


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 10th c. (10th c.)
  • Genres: Theological
  • Illustrations: No


Wright no. 858 [dccclviii] (vol. 2, pp. 951-955). Tractatus sermone aramaico syriaco. The Catalogue of Additions (“Theological Treatise, containing numerous extracts from the Fathers. Imperfect. On vellum, written about the xth century. Small Folio.”) makes no mention of the language. Syriac manuscripts BM Add. 12133 - 12181 “were obtained from the Monastery of the Syrians dedicated to St. Mary Deipara, in the Desert of Nitria, or Scete, about seventy miles north-west of Cairo.”

Double columns without scholia. Dual foliation: 219-224 of new foliation corresponds to 210-215 of old (crossed-out) foliation.

Cf. BM Add. 14527 (Wright no. 909 [dcccix]). Penn (see bibliography) has particular reference to this manuscript.