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London, British Library, Add. 22914


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 17th c. (17th c.)
  • Genres: Varia
  • Illustrations: Yes


The third of three fascinating journals of the scholar, cleric and traveler John Covel (Brit. Mus. Add. 22912-22914), with his own sketches and observations of his travels.

The entry from the Catalogue of Additions (1854-1860) is as follows, in full:

22,914  AUTOGRAPH journal of Dr. John Covel during his travels in Asia Minor, Greece, Switzerland, Italy, and France; 16 Feb. 1666/7 – 12 Feb. 1679/80.  Appended are —
1. Notes on the laws and customs of the Turks.  Ital. and Eng. ff. 100, 103-143.
2. “A narrative of þe present state of Transilvania out of þe Prince of Transilvania, delivered his Excellencie, Sept. 1665,” f. 100 b.
3. “Epistola missa a quodam Mohammetano ad Urbem Romanam,” de “testimonio legis Mosaicæ de Prophetia Mahammœd,” f. 144.
4. “Relatione dell’ Ottomano Imperio nel presente stato in questo anno 1668,” f. 145.
5. “Discorso politico sopra la pace fatta tra la Republica [di Venezia] ed il Gran Turco;” [1669], f. 154.
6. “Relatione della Corte di Roma del Duca di Scione [Charles Albert, Duc de Chaulnes], Ambasciadore del Rè di Francia appresso la Santita di Nostro Signore Clemente IX.;” [1668, 1669], f. 164.
7. “Oratione reccitata d’ Antonio Corraro nel Maggior Consiglio contro Francisco Moresini, Sett. 1670,” f. 180.
8. “A List of þe Arsenall private Armory and Treasury of St. Markes, in Venice,” f. 190.
9. Brief accounts of the condition and government of the Papal States, and of Florence.  Ital.  ff. 194, 195 b.
10. Copies of diplomatic instruments and treaties between England, the States General, France and Sweden; 2 Oct. 1667 – 2 Apr. 1668.  Lat.
Paper.  Small quarto.

Square brackets above are the catalogue’s. The spellings republica, santita and Francisco Moresini, &c. (for repubblica, santità, Francesco Morosini, &c.) are original, as is ovr in the first entry. See BM Add. 22912 (our LON.1.3) for further information, bibliography &c.