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Jerusalem, Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, Taphou 18


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 11th c. (11th c.)
  • Genres: Liturgical
  • Illustrations: No


Menaion for January.
Not listed in Pinakes:
Fols. 1r-4a: Martyrdom of St. Akindynos (aceph.).
Fol. 4r-4v: Martyrdom of Acepsimas, Joseph and Aeithalas (PG 116,832) (des. mut.).
Fols. 5r-18v: Life of St. Basil of Caesarea (aceph.).
Fol. 18v: Martyrdom of St. Polyeuctus (beginning only).
Fols. 19r-36v: Life of St. Silverster, Bishop of Rome.
Fols. 59v-65v: Martyrdom of St. Polyeuctus.
Fols. 65v-74v: Life of St. Marcian.
Fols. 75r-84v: Ammonius, 4th cent. [De sanctis patr. barbarorum incursione peremptis]. (BHG 1300).
Fols. 84v-90r: Life of St. John Calybite.
Fols. 90r-120v: Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria. Life of St. Anthony (PG 26,835).
Fols. 120v-131r: Life and martyrdom of St. Anastasius the Persian.
Fols. 131r-152r: Life and martyrdom of St. Clement of Ancyra.
Fols. 152r-155v: Life of St. Gregory of Nazianzus.
Fols. 155v-162v: Life of St. Xenophon.