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Istanbul, Patriarchate Library, Panaghia, 157


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 14th c. (14th c.)
  • Genres: Varia
  • Illustrations: No


Chalcensis S. Mariæ 157.
Μονὴ τῆς Παναγίας Καμαριωτίσσης.
14th cent.

For a brief description of the manuscript, see Τσακόπουλος (vol. 1, pp. 230-234) in the bibliography. For a very thorough treatment, see Kouroupou & Géhin (vol. 1, pp. 376-388), including bibliography, a discussion of the scribes, &c. They identify in this codex no fewer than 22 different hands, and in their second volume (given over entirely to, beautiful, high-quality plates of this important collection) they give an example of each one: plates 219-230 are full-color images of or from fols. 1r, 30r, 75r, 81r, 91r, 94r, 131r, 215v, 222r, 249r, 283r, 289r, 292v, 295r, 301r, 303r, 308v, 309r, 321v, 325r and 332r. Plate 231 (fol. 338r—like the preceding color plate, an autograph of George of Crete) given in blank and white. They give in total 259 plates, the vast majority of them in full color, from nearly all of the monastery’s 178 codices (all but nos. 34, 51, 60, 70, 98, 102, 111, 113, 122, 127, 147, 148, 155, 168 and 176) and another 36 plates of bindings.

(Note: the page-numbers in vol. 1 of Τσακόπουλος are there misprinted. The pages after 166, 167, 168 are printed as 153, 154 &c. to the end of the book, where what should be p. 277 is printed as 261. Nothing is missing. We follow here the corrected pagination, whereof pp. 230-234 are printed as 214-218.)

294r-300v  Epistulæ Nicolai Cabasilæ Tellestraquilæ prob. manu sua. Τσακόπουλος §16 (p. 233: «φ. 294α—300β: “Κ(υρ)οῦ Νικολάου Καβάσιλα τοῦ Χαλκαέτου τοῦ Εἰκειόχειρα”. Κῶδιξ ἀτελής», nomen sic.)  In Kouroupourou & Géhin’s hand no. 14 (see above), thought by them (§21: pp. 382sq.) to be, and by Ševčenko probably to be, Cavásila’s own. (For Cavásila, see Vogel & Gardthausen p. 348; for Ševčenko, see description of our film IST.1.2.)

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