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Jerusalem, Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, Taphou 106


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 13th c. (13th c.)
  • Genres: Philosophical
  • Illustrations: No


Works by Aristotle, with commentaries.
Not listed in Pinakes:
Fol. 6rv: List of titles of Libanius' speeches.
Fols. 6v-7v: List of authors and works in various disciplines (cf. CAG III 1, XV-XIX).
Fols. 7v-10v: Προγνωστικὸν ἐαρινοῦ καὶ χειμερινοῦ ἀέρους καὶ ἐκ ποίων τεκμηρίων ὄμβρους καὶ ἀνομβρίας χρὴ προσδοκᾶν.
Fols. 44r-45r: [Psellus, Michael]. De omnifaria doctrina (ed. Westerink 1948).
Fols. 45rv, 5vr, 46r-93v: Prolegomena in Aristotelis Categorias; Philoponus, John, 6th cent.: In Aristotelis Categorias comm.
Fol. 108r-162v: Psellus, Michael. In Arist. De interpr. paraphrasis (cf. PG 122,521) (alternating with Aristotle's text).
Fols. 163v-189v: Psellus, Michael. In Anal. Pr. paraphrasis (alternating with Aristotle's text).
Fols. 190r-193r: [Psellus, Michael]. On rhetoric (inc. mut.).
Fol. 193r: [Psellus, Michael?]. On στάσεις (frg.).
Fols. 193r-194v: Psellus, Michael. Encomium in matrem (des. mut.).

For complex details on collation of the codex, see Bibliography.
Several pages partly illegible due to technical reasons (image out of focus) on both films.
Several marginal notes in Arabic.
Fols. 162v-163r, and elsewhere: Diagrams of syllogisms.