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London, British Library, Add. 22748


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 12th c. (12th c.)
  • Genres: Institutional documents
  • Illustrations: No


Page for this entry (p. 727: “Typicon, or monastic rules for a nunnery dedicated to the Virgin in Constantinople. Greek Imperfect. Vellum roll... late XIIth cent.”) missing from Google Books scan of catalogue.

Large, flowing (“bubbly”) mixed uncials, only about ten lines per page and some 12-20 characters per line.  Occasional later probationes pennæ et simm.

Library insert:
For printed text or notices of this MS. see: H[ippolyte] Delehaye, “Le typicon du monastère de Lips à Constantinople”, in Analecta Bollandiana, vol. xxxviii, pp. 388-392 (here inserted).
H. Delehaye, Deux Typica Byzantins de l’Époque des Paléologues. Brussels 1921 (whole text printed).

Delehaye’s notice (printed) is then enclosed in full. Cf. Brit. Mus. Harley 6505.

Recto of first page before foliation: a note reading “Purch’d of M.P. La[mbr?]os of Athens, 26 Janur. 1859.”

Fol. 55 has lower outside corner torn, affecting two lines of text, about half each, on either side.

Fol. 86 has a strip removed the whole breadth of the sheet, taking with it the 2nd and 3rd of ten lines on either side.

Fol. 100 has a similar strip, removing the 5th and 6th lines and part of the 4th.

Fol. 114 has a piece at the bottom removed, affecting about three or four characters on each of the last two lines.