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Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, gr. 223


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 15th c. (15th c.)
  • Genres: Letters
  • Illustrations: No


Contents: Letters of Gregory Akindynos.

The entire catalogue entry (7 pages) has been glued into the front of the ms and contains an extensive description of the contents.  For a digital copy of the catalogue, please see the electronic resources.

f.1r: title: Θεωρία εἰς τὴν μεταμόρφοσιν πλατυτέρα.  Incipit: “Εἴρηται τοίνυν ἀνωτέρω ὅτι...” The text continues for four folios and then foliation starts again at the beginning of the letters.
This first text by Maximus the Confessor does not seem to be included in the catalogue or in Pinakes.

f.40r: desinit: “…τῶν τριῶν θεαρχικῶν ὑποστάσεων τοὺς δε(?)..."

Part 2 (MUN 1.4) does not add anything significant to part 1 (MUN.1.3), it consists of only 14 folios and the quality is poorer.

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