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Jerusalem, Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, Staurou 41


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 10th c. (10th c.)
  • Genres: Hagiography
  • Illustrations: No


Texts not listed in Pinakes:
Fols. 1r-57r: Vita St. Stephani Novi Diaconis (inc. mut.).
Fols. 57r-69v: Pantaleon, deacon of the Great Church. Oratio in Michael Archangelum (des. mut.).
Fols. 70r-82r: Nicetas, the Paphlagonian, 10th cent. Encomium in St. Eustratium et socios.
Fols. 248r-252v: Martyrium ss. Hermylou et Stratonici.
Fols. 252v-258r: Athanasius, Saint, Patriarch of Alexandria, d. 373. [Narratio de cruce seu imagine Berytensi].
Fols. 258r-272r: Joannes Theol. De sacris imaginibus contra Constantinum Cabalinum (olim sub auctore Joanne Damasceno). (PG 95,309-44; CPG 8114).
Fols. 272r-284v: Ammonius, 4th cent. [De sanctis patr. barbarorum incursione peremptis]. (BHG 1300).
Fols. 285r-293v: Life of St. John Calybite.
Fols. 293v-311r: Cosmas Vestitor. De translatione Iohannis Chrysostomi IV (BHG 878).
Fols. 311v-319v: Methodius, of Olympus, Saint, d. 311. [=Methodius of Patara]. Sermo de Ioachime et Anna (BHG 1961).
Fol. 319v: Inventio capitis s. Iohannis Baptistae (BHG 842q) (title and four lines only).

Previously owned by Theophilus, Metropolitan of Petra and Cherronisos, with dedicatory notes in Greek and Arabic.
Fols 58r-61r partially illegible due to physical damage (tear).
Several frames out of focus, but still legible.

Gregory of Nazianzus, Saint, ca 329-ca 390. -- Leontius, Abbot of St. Saba, 6th/7th cent. -- John Chrysostom, Saint, d. 407.