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Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, L 73 sup.


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 13th c. (13th c.)
  • Genres: Grammar, lexicography, meter, etc.
  • Illustrations: No


Martini-Bassi 486.
Not listed in Pinakes:
Fol. VIIv: Psellus, Michael. In maledictum insensatum. Πρὸς ἀναίσθητον λοίδορον. Inc. Καὶ βάτραχοι φωνοῦσιν ἀλλ' ἐκ τελμάτων. [POE.30] (fin. mut.)

Not listed in Pinakes and cited as adespotum by Martini-Bassi:
Fol. VIIv: Christophoros, ho Mytilēnaios. In librum s. Ioann. Chrysostomi, qui Margaritae dicitur. Inc. Ναί, μαργαρῖται χειλέων σου οἱ λόγοι.

Olim Pinelli.
Hephaestion. --     Julian, Emperor of Rome. -- Varia adespota de metris.

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