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Madrid, El Escorial, 382 (χ.iii.4)


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 14th c. (14th c.)
  • Genres: Exegesis
  • Illustrations: No


Revilla-Andrés 382.
Nota Antiqua χ.iii.4.
Miller no. 379.

Paper, 14th cent. Euthymius Zigabenus on the Psalms, etc. «Εὐθυμίου μοναχοῦ τοῦ Ζιγαβηνοῦ εἰς τὸν προφήτην Δαυίδ, καὶ ἐξήγησις εἰς τὸ ψαλτήριον. Λέξεις τῶν ρνʹ ψαλμῶν, τῶν ἀποστόλων, τῶν ἠθικῶν τοῦ Βασιλείου, καὶ ἑτέρων διαφόρων ἀτέλ(ειαι).» Fols. 1r-264r in the beautiful hand of an apparently anonymous scribe, with descenders and ascenders that show flare and perhaps tedium. Charming uncials at the beginnings of sections, such as the epsilon with a bird as the cross-bar on 119v (on Psalm 64). Beautiful decorative capitals at 250r for the First Song of Moses (Ὠδὴ Αʹ Μωυσέως). Palæographically, a delight throughout.

A different, less neat hand from the bottom of 264r to 266v («Λέξεις τῶν ρνʹ ψαλμῶν», des. mut.).

Water-damage is extensive but generally does not impair legibility (except slightly, ex. gr. 17v). Great improvement after the first ninety or so pages, with few exceptions (such as the bottom of 245r, which is just slightly faded but can still be made out).

The edge of the pages has ΕΥΘΥΜΙΟΣ printed in capital letters and is very neat, suggesting it may have been cut after writing, which would explain the partial loss (sometimes considerable) of many marginalia, whose loss appears to be in the codex itself and not in our film (MAD.2.15).

The Escorial Library have put the whole of Revilla & Andrés’s excellent catalogue online in pdf/aspx format (see Online Resources), but navigating it can be slightly tricky and deserves comment. It’s in fifteen parts, as follows:

1/15: Vol. 1 (Revilla), pp. i-cxxxv (prologue, corrigenda &c.).
2/15: Vol. 1 (Revilla), pp. 001-100 (codd. 1-24 [r.i.1—r.ii.4]).
3/15: Vol. 1 (Revilla), pp. 100-200 (codd. 25-58 [r.ii.5—r.iii.24]).
4/15: Vol. 1 (Revilla), pp. 201-309 (codd. 59-87 [r.iii.25—σ.ii.7]).
5/15: Vol. 1 (Revilla), pp. 310-402 (codd. 88-124 [σ.ii.8—τ.i.4]).
6/15: Vol. 1 (Revilla), pp. 404-501 (codd. 125-157 [τ.i.5—τ.i.18]).
7/15: Vol. 1 (Revilla), pp. 502-560 (codd. 158-178 [τ.ii.19—τ.iii.18] and indices).
8/15: Vol. 2 (Andrés), pp. i-xvi (prologue) and 001-095 (codd. 179—251 [φ.i.1-υ.i.12]).
9/15: Vol. 2 (Andrés), pp. 096-193 (codd. 252-308 [υ.i.13—y.i.15]).
10/15: Vol. 2 (Andrés), pp.193-282 (codd. 309-372 [y.ii.1—χ.ii.12]).
11/15: Vol. 2 (Andrés), pp. 283-357 (codd. 373-420 [χ.ii.13—χ.iv.25]).
12/15: Vol. 3 (Andrés), pp. 001-119 (codd. 421-503 [ψ.i.1—ω.i.2]).
13/15: Vol. 3 (Andrés), pp. 120-203 (codd. 504-551 [ω.i.3—ω.iii.18]).
14/15: Vol. 3 (Andrés), pp. 204-263 (codd. 552-649 [ω.iii.19—82.vii.22]).
15/15: Vol. 3 (Andrés), pp. 265-368 (indices).

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