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Vatican City, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Vat. gr. 1765


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 16th c. (16th c.)
  • Genres: Philosophical
  • Illustrations: No


Vaticanus græcus 1440, Damscius (TLG 4066.003 & 4066.004). Cf. Vat. gr. 1203, 1440 and 1791 (our WEST.VAT.1.35, WEST.VAT.1.37and WEST.VAT.1.36 respectively).

16th cent. according to Rouelle (vol. 1, p. iv in Bibliography and Online Resources), who at least noted (though we have not investigated whether he used) this manuscript.

To the label "Vat. Grec. 1765" the first frame in our film (done by the Vatican) adds "20.IV.79. B.E[.]", a numbering system we are unfamiliar with.

Paginated. Marginal annotation and some graphs.

Page 1  Title: «Δαμασκίου διαδόχου Ἀπορίαι καὶ Λύσεις περὶ τῶν Πρώτων Ἀρχῶν.» Textus incipit, «Π{ρ}ότερον ἐπέκεινα τῶν πάντων ἐστὶν ἡ μία τῶν πάντων ἀρχὴ λεγομένη...»

P. 359 desinit, «Τὰ μὲν οὖν εἴδη, ὅπερ ἔφην, ἀνάγκη μετέχειν ἀλλήλων, αἱ δὲ ἰδιότητες ἐπινοούμεναι, καθ’ ἑαυτὰς. Οὐκ οὖσαι λέγω, τὰς ἀπορίας ἡμῖν ἐργάζονται, ἐπεὶ κατὰ ἀλήθειαν οὐδὲ τὰς ἀμεθέκτους ταῖς μεθεκταῖς, et cetera, ut infra no. 1791 in altero volumine Damascii, qua secunda pars est et continuatio hujus operis de primis principiis, quamvis titulus ψευδεπίγραφος commentarium in Parmenidem falso appellet. Integrum Damascii exemplar extat no. 1440 quod hanc observationem confirmat. L.H. [1.H.?]» Cf. Rouelle's edition, vol. 2, pp. 4-5, in our Bibliography and Online Resources.

Pp. 360-362 (the last of these a verso) are blank and the codex seems from our film to end here.

Rouelle's ed. has been superseded by Westerink's six volumes for Belles Lettres (see Bibliography), but we have not been able to examine the latter. At the time of this writing, the TLG is using the outdated one (with no app. crit.).

Currently no print catalogue for Vaticani græci 933-1484 (though there is an unpublished catalogue by Νικόπουλος for 2502-2632 and one in preparation by Yantz for 1288-1421). Some information can often be found in the various Studi e Testi volumes (see Bibliography) and/or the Vatican website.  The Vatican's online search engine (see Online Resources) does not as of this writing always provide stable URL's, but manuscripts can be searched by call-number with an "Index" search. These often provide bibliographical material. Further information can also often be had by performing a Google search with "" specified as the domain (do an Advanced Search or add "" to the terms).