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Vatican City, Vatican Archives, Arch.Cap.S.Pietro.F.22


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 12th c. (12th c.)
  • Genres: Musical
  • Illustrations: Yes


A 12th-century gradual.

The codex contains hymns in both Latin and Greek transliterated in Latin characters. A portion of the ms. is reproduced by Prof. Wellesz in his “Greek Texts and Melodies in Latin Manuscripts.” Pp.34-36 and 64. (See bibliography).

The note on the microfilm box to Solesmes P.M. 187 may refer to a volume of this periodical (Paléographie Musicale no. 187) tome 16, 1955. (Please see the bibliography for the full reference)

The Vatican's online search engine (see Online Resources) does not as of this writing always provide stable URL's, but manuscripts can be searched by shelfmark with an "Index" search. These often provide bibliographical material and there are quite a few for this manuscript.

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