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Oxford, Bodleian Library, Barocci 68


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 15th c. (15th c.)
  • Genres: Grammar, lexicography, meter, etc.
  • Illustrations: No


Bodleianus Baroccianus 68.  (Madan Summary Catalogue no. 68 = old Bodley no. 1301.)  Fifteenth century, paper, 156 folios.  Miscellany, primarily of grammatical and rhetorical books, lexica, treatments of meter, etc.  Also a few religious texts.  Libanius, Manuel Moschopoulos, and many others.

For detailed list of contents, see Coxe's entry in Bibliography (which is unmarked by Barbour & Wilson).  At the time of this writing, Coxe's entry is much fuller and more detailed than that in Πίνακες.

75v  Psellus, Στίχοι τοῦ Ψελλοῦ πολιτικοὶ ἑρμηνεύοντες λέξεις (2702.015, Poem no. 6; Iter Pselllianum no. 1058 (POE.6)), incipit «Εὔιος ὁ Διόνυσος, ἔφεδρος ὁ Κυβεύων».

75v  Sermonisnaturalis formæ diversæ.  (Cujus?)

94v-97v  Manuel Moschopoulos (TLG 9025), Διάλεξις πρὸς Λατίνους, incipit «Τὸν μὲν υἱὸν Θεοῦ οἱ Ἰταλοὶ νοητικῶς φασὶ γεννᾶσθαι».

(We give a link to the Google Books preview of Moore's extremely useful Iter Psellianum, but unfortunately the above entry is not included in the preview.)

See "Bodley: This Collection" in Online Resources for information including the Madan entry (labeled "Vol. 2 Part 1") and Coxe entry (given by column numbers).