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Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, gr. 1115


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 13th c. (13th c. (1276))
  • Genres: Theological
  • Illustrations: No


Fols. 4v-7v: Dogmatic excerpts from letters and homilies by Theodoretus, Cyrillus of Alexandria, and Pope Celestine I.
Fol. 8r (margin): Greek-Hebrew alphabet correspondence.
The remaining contents are listed in Pinakes.

A number of marginal notes by various hands.
Fol. 132r, top margin: +Κύριε μοι στερίσις μαι των ε(π)ουρανίῶν σοῦ αγαθὦν των ἄθλιον των ταλέπορων (sic).
Fol. 142, top margin: +Κύριε μοι σταιρίσις μαι των επουρανύον (sic).

Copied by Leo Cynnamos.

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