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Oxford, Bodleian Library, Barocci 170


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 16th c. (16th c. (1577))
  • Genres: Religious poetry
  • Illustrations: Yes


Bodleianus Baroccianus 170.  (Madan Summary Catalogue no. 170 = old Bodley no. 1145. Selden cupboard 6.)  Parchment; April, 1577; Crete; 31 folios.  

Highly illustrated copy of the Oracles of Leo the Wise, "mendis infinitis expurgata" with Latin translation by Francesco Barozzi (Φραγκίσκος ὁ Βαρόκιος).

No. 89 in "Greek Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library" (see Bibliography) for bibliography.  For further information, see Coxe's entry in Bibliography, which Wilson & Barbour leave untouched, and the exhibition volume above (1966).

Ohlgren (anno 1977) abstract no. 500 (pp. 241sq.) and Supplement (anno 1978) abstract no. 687 (p. 156).

The entire manuscript is available at Bodley's website; see "Manuscript Images" in Online Resources.

See "Bodley: This Collection" in Online Resources for information including the Madan entry (labeled "Vol. 2 Part 1") and Coxe entry (given by column numbers).