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Oxford, Bodleian Library, Laud gr. 59


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 15th c. (15th c.)
  • Genres: Medical or scientific
  • Illustrations: No


Bodleianus Laudianus græcus 26.  (Madan Summary Catalogue no. 708 = old Bodley no. 2390.)  Paper, fifteenth century according to Coxe, 391 folios.  Medical works by John Mesues of Damascus (le fils), Constantine of Africa, and Rufus of Ephesus (TLG 0564.001).

John Mesues of Damascus, the Younger (the Nestorian Christian, Yahyā ibn Masawaih al-Mardini).  On purgation, on whey (Περὶ ὀροῦ [not τοῦ ὄρρου!]), on nutrition, and antidotes.  For Mesues, see Wooten in the Bibliography; for him and Sarapion, see the Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal 76 (1851), pp. 404-407.

Fols. 31v-33r  Table of contents.

Greek translation by Constantinus Africanus of Monte Cassino (Πρωτασηκρήτης to Robert Guiscard) of a Viaticum and De Urinis, from Arabic. See Coxe's entry for authorship of the original.

For detailed list of contents, see Coxe, which Barbour & Wilson leave unchanged, except at §2 (fols. 34sqq.), where to the title «...Ἔπρου βὰγ [sic] ζαφὰρ τοῦ Ἐλζηβὰρ...» they add «ἔβη» after «ζαφὰρ τοῦ».

See Ihm's Clavis Commentiorum nos. 131 & 287.

According to Πίνακες, one scribe is Θεόλπητος (Repertorium der griechischen Kopisten 1.135, 2.178, 3.229).  (Of the four Θεόληπτοι in Vogel & Gardthausen, none is in the fifteenth century; Barbour & Wilson let Coxe's dating of the manuscript stand, but we are not in a position to judge.)

In the Online Resources we give a link ("Bodley: This Collection") to the library's webpage for the Laud manuscripts.  At the time of this writing, they have not yet put the information for the Greek manuscripts up, as they have for the Latin, but we expect that they will in the future.