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Oxford, Bodleian Library, Auct. T.1.1


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 17th c. (17th c.)
  • Genres: Varia
  • Illustrations: No


Auctarium T.1.1 (Summary Catalogue no. 20585; Coxe Misc. no. 179).  From the collection of Jan Meerman of the Hague.  Paper, seventeenth century, 262 folios; paginated.  Miscellany of grammatical and oratorical works, proverbs and sayings, works on Adam & Eve, &c.

For detailed list of contents, see Coxe's entry in the Bibliography and Online Resources. Barbour & Wilson in their 1969 revision do not give Madan's Summary Catalogue number (which is to be found in R.W. Hunt, Vol. 1 of Summary Catalogue (ed. 1953, p. 9).  They leave the entry unchanged, except that they entirely strike through §§32-34, which they replace with: "32-4. J. Damascene, de haeresibus 47-99, 101 (Migne PG 94), pp. 388-93."  Codd. Chrys. Gr. vol. 1, no. 163.

Pp. 413  Psellus, Confessio fidei ad Imp. Constantinum IX ad sibi detrahentes confutandos (TLG 2702.013, opusc. 35; Iter Psellianum no. 702 (THE.159; p. 217)).

Pp. 441-456 (Psellus) "were copied in August 1579 from the ms. which is now in Glasgow, Hunterian V.5.17" (Moore, p. 733).

Pp. 441-443, 454-456  Psellus, Varia ad Discipulos (Iter Psellianum nos. 593-601 (THE. 51-59; pp. 172-177).

Pp. 443-446  Psellus, Alia Varia (Iter Psellianum nos. 603-609 (THE. 61-67; pp. 178-183)). For p.444 (Iter Psellianum no. 604), cf. Bodl. Barocci 216 (extensive note in Moore, p. 179).  For pp. 445sq. (Iter Psellianum no. 609), cf. Bodl. Holkham gr. 65, fol. 265r.

Pp. 446-448  Psellus, Alia Varia (Iter Psellianum nos. 611-615 (THE. 69-73; pp. 183-187)). For pp. 446sq. (Iter Psellianum no. 614), cf. Bodl. Barocci 216, fols. 284r & 285r.

P. 448  Psellus, Oration 38, On the Theophania (Iter Psellianum no. 577 (THE.35; pp. 164sq.).

Pp. 448sq.  Psellus, The Father is the Father and Without Beginning [of Days] (Iter Psellianum no. 579 (THE.37; p. 165)).

P. 449  Psellus, Nor Ceaseth the Father to Be Unbegotten, For That He Begetteth (Iter Psellianum no. 580 (THE.38; pp. 165sq)).

Pp. 449sq.  Psellus, Oration 39, On Holy Lumina (Iter Psellianum no. 578 (THE.36; p. 165).

P. 450  Psellus, Man Springeth from Revolutions in Nature (Iter Psellianum no. 581 (THE.39; pp. 161sq)).

Pp. 450sq.  Psellus, The Word Hath Known a Threefold Birth (Iter Psellianum no. 582 (THE.40; p. 167)).

P. 451  Psellus, On Romans 8.29 (Iter Psellianum no. 583 (THE.41; pp. 167sq.)).

P. 451  Psellus, On the Divines' Saying, "The Adverse Must from the Adverse Be Pluck'd" (Iter Psellianum no. 584 (THE.42; p. 168)).

Pp. 451sq.  Psellus, From the Second Oration on Light, "I Know a Fire Not Cleansing But Punitive" (Iter Psellianum no. 585 (THE.43; pp. 168sq.)).

Pp. 452sq.  Psellus, Ex eodem, "What Shall I Say to Them That Worship the Ashteroth?" (Iter Psellianum no. 586 (THE.44; p. 169)).

P. 453  Psellus, Ex eodem, "I Would the Father Should Call Greater" (Iter Psellianum no. 587 (THE.45; pp. 169sq.)).

P. 453  Psellus, On God Becoming a Man and Man Becoming a God (Iter Psellianum no. 588 (THE.46; p. 170)).

Pp. 453sq.  Psellus, On the Statement that Christ's Corporeal Nature Hath an End. (Iter Psellianum no. 590 (THE.48; p. 171)).

P. 454  Psellus, On Diversities of Gifts, Διαφορὰ [sive Διαιρέσεις] χαρισμάτων.
(Iter Psellianum no. 591 (THE.49; pp. 171sq.)

P. 455  Psellus, "Lest we should seem ill painters of wondrous virtue (Iter Psellianum no. 544 (THE.2; p. 152)).

P. 555  Psellus, On Poor Men's Love (Iter Psellianum no. 546 (THE.4; pp. 152sq.)).

P. 556  Psellus, Über den Überfluß der Güte muß man schweigen (Iter Psellianum no. 556 (THE.14; p. 157)).