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Oxford, Bodleian Library, Coisl. 99


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 9th c. (9th c. (869))
  • Genres: Philosophical
  • Illustrations: No


Bodleianus Clarkianus 39 (Summary Catalogue no. 18400).  Parchment, 418 folios, anno 869.  Plato's Tetralogies 1-6.

From the collection of Edward Daniel Clarke (1769-1822), professor of mineralogy at Cambridge and noted world traveler (his travel accounts in eleven volumes saw at least four editions, as well as translations into French and Dutch). See Clarke and Otter in our Bibliography: respectively, "Clarke: Travels" and "Clarke: Life" in our Online Resources. The former link goes to one of his discussions of acquiring manuscripts and the latter to a discussion of his donation to the Bodleian Library.

For bibliography, see the Πίνακες entry in Online Resources and "Bodley: This Collection". Scroll down the latter to this manuscript for more information and updated bibliography, as well as a medium-quality image of fol. 1r, also linked to as "Image" in our Online Resources.  Much better-quality photographs are at "Images", though at the time of this writing the 890 of them are not arranged in a very friendly way. (For older information on color reproductions, Ohlgren (1977) Abstract no. 119.)

The scribe is John the Calligrapher (Ἰωάννης καλλιγράφος), who copied this for Arethas. For John, see Vogel & Gardthausen in the Bibliography and Online Resources, and Gaisford's catalogue entry in both those places.

Discussion and image in Wilson's Mediaeval Greek Bookhands, no. 14 with its accompanying plate.

Gaisford's entry, despite its age, is the most extensive we know of and to be recommended, but see Madan's as well (no. 18400). Bodleian exhibition volume (anno 1966) no. 5.