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Oxford, Bodleian Library, Armenian e. 34


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 18th c. (18th c.)
  • Genres: Grammar, lexicography, meter, etc.
  • Illustrations: Yes


Bodleianus armeniacus e. 1 (Baronian & Conybeare no. 112; Madan & Craster Summary Catalogue no. 32809), Gospels in Armenian.  Glazed paper, eighteenth century, 324 folios, acquired by Bodley in 1899.  Grammatical and philosophical works, including Dionysius Thrax, Porphyry's Isogage, tracts on the Art of Penmanship, etc.  See entry in Baronian & Conybeare's catalogue, in our Online Resources, for details.  Copied by a man named Balthasar.

Typed label on 1v (apparently placed there just for the photographing):
MS. Armenian 34 = Baronian & Conybeare 112
Collated 323 fols. = really 324 fols.
Fol. 5 is double [i.e. fol. 5(i), 5(ii).]
Fol. 175 is double [i.e. fol. 175(i), 175 (ii).]
Fol. 214 was missed in the numeration.

320r  After the end of the text, a stamp of Ter Stephanos, anno 1824.