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Oxford, Corpus Christi College Library, Cod. ms. 158


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 15th c., 16th c. (15th-16th c. (ca. 1500))
  • Genres: Philosophical
  • Illustrations: No


Codex græcus 158 Collegii Corporis Christi (no. 1625 158.1) (D.4.6).  Paper, late fifteenth century, 324 folios.  Damascii Dubitationes (TLG 4066.003).  In a fair hand; the scribe according to Πίνακες is a certain Παῦλος (ohne Beiname; RGK 1.342, 2.460, 3.539).

In the Online Resources we link to Coxe's catalogue (see Bibliography). At the Corpus Manuscripts webpage they also give Coxe, but add "but this should be used with caution (and the new descriptive catalogues used where appropriate)." The new catalogue in question is Wilson's (ISBN 1843842874).

Fol. 1r  "Hic liber emptus fuit ab hæredibus Guilielmi Grocini anno Domini 1501 pro collegio Corporis Christi, Claimondo præside. Guill. Grocini meminit Erasmus in Epistolis."

1r  Δαμασκίου Φιλοσόφου Ἀπορίαι καὶ Λύσεις τῶν Πρώτων Ἀρχῶν.

2v at last six lines: "Locus hic ita legendus est ex MS. qui (ex hoc descriptus) olim Ger. Langbainii fuit, nunc est Joh. Fell. Doc. Æd. Christi. Καὶ τὸ περιεκτικώτατον τῶν εἴσω περιεχομένων...τὸ συναίρεμα, ἀφ' οὗ καὶ διακρίνεται."

324r  «...ταύταις γὰρ εἴπετο τὸ οὐδέν.»  There follows the lemma «ἀΐδιον» of the Platonic Ὅροι (TLG 0059.037), and then a symbol for «τέλος» and a blank space, which seems to end the manuscript.

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