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Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, gr. 478


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 15th c. (15th c.)
  • Genres: Religious misc.
  • Illustrations: No


BnF Ancien fonds: Codex parisinus græcus 451 (Regius 2287.2).  Paper, early fifteenth century (Moore, p. 735), 275 folios.  Homilies of St. Basil on the Hexaëmeron and on the creation of man. Constantine Harmenopoulos, Ἑξάβιβλος (Promptiarium Legum). Lexicon of Latin. Epistle of John, metropolitan of Russia, to Pope  Clement. Epistle of Peter, patriarch of Antioch, to Dominicus of Grado ("...epistula ad Episcopum Βενδέσης"), etc.

For details, see Omont in our Bibliography and our Online Resources (where we give links to two scans, one at Google Books and one at the National Library; the former is a convenient way to save the entire catalogue, the latter to save a single page).  Our link "BnF" goes to the Library's record for this manuscript.

Fols. 235r-261r.  Psellus, Σύνοψις ἐπίτομος τῶν νομικῶν κανόνων, Imperatoris Michaëlis VII Ducæ jussu (TLG 2702.015, no. 8; Iter Psellianum no. 1060 (POE.8; pp. 482-485)).  Cf. Parisini grr. 1355 and 2749, and Suppl. gr. 627.

269r-274r  Psellus, Canon acrostichichus (Κανὼν περιέχων ὀνομαστοὺς ἁγίους τοῦ ὅλου χρόνου φέρων ἀκροστιχίδα τήνδε (TLG 2702.015, no. 23?), Iter Psellianum no. 1164 (POE.112; pp. 535sq.)).

In our Online Resources we give a link to the Google Books preview of Moore's invaluable book, though unfortunately the above pages are not included in the preview.

"Index Græcobarbarus, referendus ad eam partem hujus codicis, quæ continet Harmenopuli promptuarium: item ad folia 263 et 264.

"Codex chartaceus varia manu scriptus, quem a Loido Caracosâ aspris 1200 emit Sacellarius Chii, sacerdos Michael Elæabulcus, anno Christi 1581.  Eundem Codicem emit a Joanne quodam sacerdos Michael Mamucas Notarius publicus Chii —anno Christi 1621, ut in [crossed out: 'finibus'] calce codicis legitur."

Marginal notes: by "Loido" (which is written in somewhat unsure letters), "fors. Ladonico Cæsaraugustano" (but this should read Loïzo).  By the price, "*pro 1200 legendum videtur 120."