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Washington, D.C., Dumbarton Oaks Museum, Manuscript 2


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 11th c. (11th c. (?))
  • Genres: Liturgical
  • Illustrations: No


Dumbarton Oaks Manuscript no. 2 (accession no. 52.1 [nunc BZ.1952.1]), an eleventh-century Georgian-language menæum for December through February, of about 377 folios.

On folio 2r (the first on our film – and the first extant?) is written in a fairly recent and prob. American hand the name "Malson" [sic].  A large but faint inscription after 377v seems to read «Ἀριθ(μὸς) 6»

Occasional marginalia, as on 141v and 142r (probationes pennæ?).


  • Professor Tsagareli’s Catalogue of the Georgian manuscripts in the Monastery of the Holy Cross at Jerusalem, translated from the Russian (Open in Zotero)
  • A Georgian Menaion from Palestine (Open in Zotero)
  • Rare and Important Books, Autographs and Manuscripts, Property of Jacob J. Podell (Open in Zotero)
  • Uc’nobi redakcia kartuli himnograpiuli tuenisa (An Unknown Recension of the Georgian Hymnographic Menaion) (Open in Zotero)
  • Bibliographie de K. Kekelidze (Open in Zotero)
  • Le Ménée Géorgien de Dumbarton Oaks (Open in Zotero)
  • Compléments à l’édition de la vie Géorgienne de S. Syméon Stylite l’ancien (Open in Zotero)
  • The Old Georgian Palimpsest: Codex Vindobonensis Georgicus 2 (Open in Zotero)

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