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Venice, Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, gr. 529 (coll. 847)


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 14th c. (14th c. (2nd half))
  • Genres: Encyclopedic
  • Illustrations: No


Olim card. Bessarionis <404>.
Content not listed in Pinakes:
Under the name of Joseph Rhacendytes (Nicephorus Blemmydes? George Pachymeres?):
Fols. 134v-166v: Synopsis rhetoricae. Σύνοψις τῆς ῥητορικῆς.
Fols. 241r-265r: De physicis principiis.
Fols. 265r-275r: De caelo.
Fols. 275r-284r: De generatione et corruptione.
Fols. 321r-331r: De partibus animalium, cf. Marc. app. gr. IV 24.
Fols. 331r-340r: De animalium generatione, cf. ibid.
Fols. 340r-359v: De anima, cf. ibid.
Fols. 360r-376r: De sensu et sensato, cf. ibid.
Fols. 376r-380r: De memoria et reminiscentia, cf. ibid.
Fols. 380r-382r: De motu animalium, cf. ibid.
Fols. 382r-384v: De animae dominio, cf. ibid.
Fols. 384v-385v: De somno et vigilia, cf. ibid.
Fols. 385v-388r: De divinatione per somnium, cf. ibid.
Fols. 388r-389v: De longitudine et brevitate vitae, cf. ibid.
Fols. 389v-391v: De iuventute et senectute, cf. ibid.

(Fols. 392r-v, 438v-439v, 477r-v, 490v-491v, 496v were left blank).

Fol. 476v: Two short notes, apparently related to philosophy. The same (15th-16th c.?) hand had made a note on foliation (?) on fol. 516v.

Works by Rhakendytes, Blemmydes, John Actuarius, Psellus, Pletho, Cyril of Alexandria, and others. For full list of contents, see Bibliography and Online Resources.

Ms. was kept in Thessalonica at least for a while, according to iambic verses on fol. 134r.

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