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Moscow, State Historical Museum, Sinod. 385


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 10th c. (10th c.)
  • Illustrations: No


Vladimir 28.
The old label was incorrect due to misunderstanding of the call numbers of the Synodal Library manuscript collection. Prof. Ševčenko asked for folios from Vladimir 385 and received material from the "official" (Savva) No. 385 instead, which is Vladimir No. 28 (10th century commentary on the Old Testament). To make even greater the confusion, Sinod. 385 / Vlad. 28 contains a short fragment by Gregory of Nazianzus, on the pages that were sent from Moscow.

Letters by Gregory of Nazianzus are indeed found in Vladimir's No. 385, but that is No. 40 of the Library -- 11th century saints' lives with letters of Gregory of Nazianzus and Basil the Great. The mark "in fol. 41" on the box refers to the third and the oldest catalog by de Matthaei.

(No folio numbers in Pinakes).

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