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Istanbul, Patriarchate Library, Panaghia 44


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 14th c. (14th c. (1331-1335))
  • Illustrations: No



Dogmatic Panoply

For a complete overview of the contents, please refer to Pinakes (listed under the internet links).

There are many interesting marginalia in this ms. but among the most interesting is the catalogue of books of the library of the monastery of Saint John Prodromos at Ryakion on fol. 318. This catalogue lists mostly liturgical books (sticheraria, triodia, parakletikai, etc.) but also a nomocanon and texts by various patristic authors. Publications on this small catalogue are listed in the bibliography for the ms in Kouroupou and Gehin’s catalogue (see p. 162).

Kouroupou and Géhin, see pp. 157-162.

Tsakopoulos, see pp. 76-78.

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