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Mount Sinai, Monastery of Saint Catherine, Sin. Gr. 1922


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 9th c. (9th c. (?))
  • Genres: Religious misc., Theological
  • Illustrations: No



A palimpsest of patristic literature with Arabic written over the Greek.  Much of the base text has been obscured by the upper text but on some folios, the uncials are legible though faded. The Greek text is frequently facing the wrong way up.

I was unable to identify the text on the first few folios but on subsequent leaves there appear to be portions of John Klimakos’ Ladder of Divine Ascent. Many of the sections are identified on little labels pasted into the margins of the folios and in these places a good deal of the text is legible. Note that the codex is foliated to be read from right to left.

Sections from Klimakos (as per the labels on the folios):

Opposite fol. 21: Λὀγος 8, περὶ ἀοργησίας καὶ πραότητος

Fol. 22: Λόγος 4: περὶ ὑπακουῆς...

Opp. fol. 24: Λόγος 14, περὶ γαστιμαργίας...

Opp. fol. 26: Λόγος 15, περὶ παρθενίας...

Opp. fol. 29: [Λόγος 19], περὶ προσευχῆς ἐν συνοδίαις...

On the leaf facing fol 24. is a note by Agnes Lewis Smith, the famed Syriac scholar and cataloguer, which reads: «διὰ τῆς ἐμῆς ἐπιστήμης ἐκαθάρισα αὐτὴν τὴν σελίδα τὸ ἤμισυ»

Kamil 335, see p. 73. Note that the description of the ms in the catalogue is incomplete. Kamil dates the codex to the 11th c. whereas Weitzmann (see PDF in external links) situates it in the 9th c.

Dumbarton Oaks owns a copy of Professor Kurt Weitzmann’s large collection of black-and-white images of Sinai manuscripts (the original set is at Princeton University). These images are available for viewing in the Image Collections and Fieldwork Archive (ICFA). Please consult the pdf linked in the internet resources to see which folios from this manuscript are included in the holdings.