Mount Athos, Pantokrator Monastery, ms. 234

Manuscript Pages

Additional Information

  • Acquired: unknown
  • Film: 35mm Black-and-white Positive


Note on the box: "Mt. Athos. Panteleimon. Cod. 234".
[Incorrect label; the older note had "Pant." which was mistakenly understood to mean Panteleimon instead of Pantokrator.].

On the side of the box: Stamp of the Library of Congress dated on 21 November 1974: "Purchased or free material from division: Photodup[lication]. Signed: M McVicar. Pass".

Note at the beginning: "Microfilmed at Pantokrator Mt. Athos for the Library of Congress in cooperation with the International Greek New Testament Project."

Informational sheet: "Language: Greek. Ms. No.: Greg. 1404 Lamb. 1268. Subject: Gos., Acts, Paul, Cath., Fathers, Psalms. Dimensions 16.8x12.3. Folios: 547. Material: vellum. Date: 13th".

Note at the end: "Ree; 56, 57. Frames 594. Meter 6. Red. no. 8. Mar. 29, 1953. EW Saunders".