Berlin, Staatsbibliothek - Preussischer Kulturbesitz, ms. Gr. 173 (Phillipps 1577)

Additional Information

  • Acquired: donated by the estate of L.G. Westerink
  • Film: 35mm Black-and-white Negative


The microfilm, esp. at the beginning, was somehow folded in a regular pattern touching every other frame, as though it had been in someone’s back pocket, who then forgot about it and sat down for lunch. Though one wonders how it could possibly have been stored to result in this, and though it causes one’s faith in humanity to flag yet further, it does not seriously affect legibility.

Rubber band damage on first three frames; occasional faint, and mostly not intrusive, spots.

1r-3r Some slight fading. Rubber band marks visible, but only obscure a relatively small amount of letters or words, mostly on the first page. Most of these letters are legible nevertheless; a few can be filled in logically, and the final obscure two or three holdouts (as the beginning of «[συν]αναστρεφομένων» on 1r) can be supplied, if not by the clever scholar’s logic, then by the Arethusa edition and seen to fit the photographs, the latters’ slight deficiences notwithstanding. From 3v on this is not a problem.

4r Very slight crease on far right side of text, either from the photographing or from later storage; does not affect legibility.

36r/37v About a dozen thin lines over lower, inner text and margin, causing slight annoyance but not affecting legibility, except at one point where the two letters can easily be supplied (36r, «...καὶ ἄπιστοι [πρ]ὸς βασιλέας τε καὶ δεσπότας...» It is difficult to tell, however, if this actually a fault in the film or on the ms. itself.

Despite the above, a very good and useable film of this extremely important work.